Most frequent questions and answers
  • 83 numbered & letter-coded polycarbonate panels
  • Complete set of screws and cap nuts
  • Aluminum entrance frame and aluminum dome base
  • Rollable membrane zip door
  • Elements anchoring to the ground
  • Assembly Toolkit: Ratchet socket, screwdriver bits, hex key
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Kit incl. hand washer with sponge and micro-fibre cleaning cloth

Ingloo dome are not that difficult to build. Assembly requires a minimum of 2 persons and takes on average 8 hours. Supplied with the dome are all the tools and assembly manual required. You will need at least a 1.5m tall ladder during the assembly and dismantle.

Yes. For safety reasons, the garden dome should be attached to the ground. Elements for fixing the dome to the ground are included in each set.

Rain resistance?

Yes. Due to their clever overlapping panel design the water flows over the panels and down to the ground keeping the interior nice and dry.

Wind resistant?

Yes. Due to their Geodesic design, the ingloo dome is structurally rigid and transfer the load equally across the structure. As long as they are securely anchored to the ground or decking, they are capable of resisting sever high winds.

Sound resistant inside?

Due to being made of Polycarbonate which acts like transparent glass they offer good soundproofing.

As any other type of completely clear structures, the interior of the ingloo dome does heat up on hot, sunny days.

However, it is enough to install an air conditioner and a sunshield so that you can use the ingloo even on very hot days.

Yes, an air conditioner or heater can be installed in the ingloo. The best solution is an air conditioner with a cooling and heating function. If you want to install the radiator only, be careful that its hot elements do not heat up the polycarbonate elements, as this may damage the structure.

Ingloo requires minimum maintenance. To keep it in a good shape clean it regularly with a lukewarm water and cleaning kit provided. We advise to remove larger dirt such as leaves, mud, bird droppings, etc. as quickly as possible.

Ingloo dome can be dismantled quickly and re-built. If you are considering doing this, we recommend you keep the packaging for storage of the panels.

Our current lead time is 2 – 3 weeks. We do hold a limited stock in our warehouse which are available for immediate delivery.

All products are delivered free of charge.

The ingloo dome is covered with a 2-years warranty against any manufacturing defects. Expected lifespan of the ingloo dome is at least 10 years.