Use your garden in any weather!

“Amazing garden pod”

What is an ingloo?

Some say it is a garden igloo, others say a spherical tent, and some say a polycarbonate dome. ingloo is a transparent dome-shaped structure made of polycarbonate and with a very wide range of applications. It can be a year-round extension of your home with a new room for rest and relaxation, it can be a winter garden, a dining room, a business meeting place or a restaurant room, or even a gym in the garden.

ingloo is a modern version of a garden pavilion, an exclusive replacement for a garden shed and a luxurious garden tent.

The 3 most important features: all-year-round, extremely robust, easy to maintain.

What ingloo gives you?

ingloo - protection from wind and rain
protection from wind and rain
ingloo - multi-functionality
ingloo - transparent materials
transparent materials
ingloo - observatory
ingloo - sound barrier
sound barrier
ingloo - greenhouse

“Finally I can use my garden in any weather”

“mosquito-free evening”

“for every place”

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